Auto Enrolment

We have a 100% flexible Auto Enrolment service that allows us to complete as much or as little of the administration as you would like us to.

We can:

Set up a pension scheme of your choice
We will talk you through the various employer decisions e.g. postponement, pensionable earnings and then set up a scheme of your choice. All we need you to do is sign the terms and conditions and set up the direct debit.
Supply statutory letters
Employees must receive communications regarding the auto enrolment staging date, postponement and categorisation. We supply you with these letters so all you need to do is print them and issue to your team.
Assess the workforce
During every payrun your employees need to be re-assessed to ascertain if they have changed to a different category within Auto Enrolment. We will complete this for you. If anyone has opted out or wishes to opt in we will deal with the administration of this too.
Provide documentation
Within 5 months of your staging date The Pension Regulator requires a Declaration of Compliance document to be submitted confirming that you have complied with all of your Auto Enrolment Duties. We will complete this on your behalf.
Create direct debits
Following each payrun we will upload the required files to the pension website therefore advising them of the employees and employers contributions and this will create a direct debit.
Cover re-enrolment
Every 3 years you need to re-enrol all employees who have previously opted out. We will do this for you.